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Latino Films at the NY Film Fest

The New York Film Festival, held at Lincoln Center, is kicking off on Friday with Life of Pi, the festival’s Opening Night film directed by Academy Award-winner Ang Lee. Besides the high-profile opener, this year’s edition (it’s 50th) está repleto with Latin American películas. There’s a heavy Chilean presence, including the much anticipated film No, directed by Pablo Larraín and starring Gael García Bernal (sigh). Oh, and GGB is gonna be at the screenings. You better get in line early! After getting your GGB fix try and check out the other Latino films at the New York Film Festival.

Pablo Larraín
Chile/USA | Spanish with English subtitles

Pablo Larraín and Gael García Bernal in person at both screenings!

In 1988, in an effort to extend and legitimize its rule, the Chilean military junta announced it would hold a plebiscite to get the people’s permission to stay in power. Despite being given 15 minutes a day to plead its case on television, the anti-Pinochet opposition was divided and without a clear message. Enter Rene Saavedra (an excellent Gael García Bernal), an ad man who, after a career pushing soft drinks and soap, sets out to sell Chileans on democracy and freedom.

Why You MUST See This Movie: Besides the fact that Gael Garcia Bernal is in it, it got a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival where it had its world premiere. It also was just announced as Chile’s entry for the Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award. And did I mention that Gael Garcia Bernal is in it? I mostly wanna see how good he is at faking a Chilean accent.